Tension significantly decreases in Artsakh frontline – President’s adviser

The tension in the frontline has decreased compared to the past week, Tigran Abrahamyan – Artsakh President’s adviser on security affairs, said, adding that, however, the situation can change very rapidly.

Tension significantly decreases in Artsakh frontline – President’s adviser

Tension significantly decreases in Artsakh frontline – President’s adviser

STEPANAKERT, JULY 16, ARTSAKHPRESSARMENPRESS: “The situation can change and escalate within several hours. At the moment we can record that compared to the previous weeks the situation has decreased significantly”, he said.

According to Abrahamyan, Azerbaijan’s steps clearly show that they are preparing for military operations. “I think the situation we have, the global processes that are taking place in the political, military, propaganda, why not, in the economic domain, show Azerbaijan’s militaristic goals. Whether they will be in 10 days, in a month or a year, it’s still unclear, but the fact that Azerbaijan is intensively preparing for military operations is obvious”, Tigran Abrahamyan said.

He also considers one of the versions according to which Azerbaijan may launch military operations after the end of the World Cup, but states that there are many similar versions regarding the resumption of war.

“There is a group of people who believe that it was the World Cup that has stopped Azerbaijan since it was being held in Russia, and the Azerbaijani said couldn’t not to take into account Russia’s influence and the significance of the World Cup”, the President’s adviser said.

The greatest tension in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border launched on April 12 and lasted nearly one and a half month. Tigran Abrahamyan couldn’t say for sure in what stage decrease or increase of threat is being noticed. He links the tense war situation with the absence of the negotiation process.

“The possibility of war in the overall processes remains high, especially when we don’t have a negotiation process at this moment, and when there are no negotiation processes, the possibility of resumption of war drastically increases”, he said.

As for linking the increase of the recent tension with the fact that the sons of the Armenian Prime Minister and Defense Minister have been conscripted for the military service, Abrahamyan said he doesn’t link this fact with the ongoing events.

“The policy Azerbaijan runs is being applied at least in the past several decades and is not linked with the military service of the PM’s and Defense Minister’s sons, it just derives from the political interests of that country”, the Artsakh President’s adviser said.

According to him, Azerbaijan’s activeness in the frontline is linked with the desire to show certain things to international partners. “There is a problem with the maintenance of the status-quo. Azerbaijan is constantly trying to show that the status-quo cannot be maintained since the situation is always tense”, the adviser said.

As for the possibility for Artsakh to become a part of the negotiation process, Tigran Abrahamyan said the mediator countries see this possibility in the second stage when the development processes of the peace agreement launch, but as long as Artsakh is not involved in the negotiation process, there will be no productive solutions for Artsakh and Armenia.  

“The first major beneficiary of the topic is Artsakh, and if it is not involved in the negotiation process, that negotiations cannot be effective, eventually the Republic of Artsakh is the one that decides”, Abrahamyan stated.