Nas Daily reveals Armenia’s chess power

Famous vlogger Nuseir Yassin, better known by Nas Daily, who is currently in Armenia to explore the country’s culture and daily life, has released his second video from the country, speaking about the chess classes taught at schools, Panorama reports.

Nas Daily reveals Armenia’s chess power

Nas Daily reveals Armenia’s chess power

STEPANAKERT, JULY 18, ARTSAKHPRESS: “Everyone knows that children learn very quickly and whatever they learn they keep it for the rest of their lives,” he says in the Facebook video titled "How Armenia teaches kids!" 

“That’s why here in the country of Armenia I was amazed to see that in addition to math and science, children also learn chess. Here, every child is taught chess in dedicated schools and classrooms.”

According to the viral blogger, chess classes teach children how to focus, compete and develop their cognitive skills, so they grow up to become grandmasters, like Levon Aronian.

The video then focuses on the Armenian chess star, who says: “All from the game of chess!”

“Armenia is one of the best countries at chess in the world, just ask their president,” he goes on, with the video cutting to President Armen Sarkissian, who says: “Yes, I’m the President, and we love chess.”

“But this isn’t just about chess, it’s about what we teach children. If we teach them discipline, patience, strategy and focus from a young age, we can create a world where everyone is a grandmaster,” Nuseir concludes.

On Tuesday, he posted his first video from Armenia, titled “This is The Land of Free Water!”