WW2 bomb discovery forces evacuation of 12,000 in Italy

At least 12,000 people are being evacuated after a bomb from World War 2 was discovered at a construction site in the province of Cesi in Terni, Italy, Daily Express reports.

WW2 bomb discovery forces evacuation of 12,000 in Italy

WW2 bomb discovery forces evacuation of 12,000 in Italy

STEPANAKERT, JULY 30, ARTSAKHPRESS: Yesterday hundreds of residents were urged to leave their homes as officials declared a state of emergency in the area after discovering the unexploded device.

More residents will be forced out of their homes on Sunday as authorities increase security procedures, in a bid to keep residents in the area safe.

Officials evacuated residents who lived within a 380 metre radius from the bomb yesterday, but will now evacuate those who live between 800m to 1km radius from the site.

The bomb identified as being from the Second World War weighs approximately 250 kilograms.

The city was heavily bombed during the war and black and white pictures at the time show buildings were reduced to rumble during the conflict.

The Mayor of Terni, Elia Rossi Passavanti said: "As early as Thursday morning we will inform all citizens about the names and numbers of the streets included in the security zone.

"The Municipal Civil Protection and the registry are quantifying in a precise way the number of people that will be involved. This is an emergency that will affect a few thousand people.

"I understand very well that this is an uncomfortable situation, but today during the meeting it was stressed that all the disengaging operations must take place in an absolute context of safety for people.

A free transport service will be set up for those vacating their homes.

A spokesperson said: "At the meeting held on 25 July, the heads of the Police Forces, starting with Antonino Messineo, assured that all the possible personnel will be made available in order to guarantee the maximum security of the citizens and their homes.

Previously, around 400 people were evacuated from their homes in Cesi.

Four elderly people were sent to a health care centre in a nearby hospital, while others stayed in hotels around the area.





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