I am delighted with the willpower of the Artsakh people. Caroline Cox

A solemn event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Stepanakert Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Center took place today in the Culture and Youth Palace.

I am delighted with the willpower of the Artsakh people. Caroline Cox

I am delighted with the willpower of the Artsakh people. Caroline Cox
STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 10ARTSAKHPRESS: As ''Artsakhpress'' reports,Vardan Tadevosyan, Director of the Rehabilitation Center after Caroline Cox, in his opening speech said:  ''The opening of Stepanakert's rehabilitation center aimed at helping people with disabilities. Michael Numan, a British physiotherapist, studied the issue and found solution on the spot. As a therapist and lecturer, I was invited to Stepanakert from Yerevan in March 1999. I came and stayed here. I overcame a number of difficulties. As a result, today we have a well-established center. At the suggestion of the Artsakh Republic authorities and with the support of Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, Caroline Cox, the international organization" Christian Solidarity Worldwide" was the first to contribute to the establishment of the center.
Over the years, the center had other supporters as well. Today the center provides rehabilitation services for children and adult people, bobath therapy, physical therapy,  ergotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, Art therapy( pottery, macramé, painting, tennis, computer classes), home visit, day care centre, occupation therapy and integration into society,''he noted, adding that that the center needs new building conditions and professional new equipment to help people with disabilities living in remote areas.
The director of the center thanked Caroline Cox and all those who support and carry out humanitarian mission in the center.
Baroness Caroline Cox, member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland said it is a great honor to be in Artsakh again and bring her humble contribution to the people of Artsakh.
"I was in Artsakh during war. I saw how Artsakh was being bombarded every day. I have been in Artsakh many times, bringing medical supplies, medicines. Stepanakert Rehabilitation Center is one of the world's most developed medical institutions. Many doctors from many countries apply for training here. The heroic Artsakh people managed to resist the enemy, to win, and today it is already building its statehood. I am delighted with the power of the Artsakh people's willpower, endurance and faith in the future,''she said.
A documentary film titled "Home" about the center was shown. It was  followed by a concert.
The event was attended by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Baghryan, guests from abroad, employees of the center and visitors.





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