Pomegranate Festival will be held in Martuni

On the initiative of the regional administration of Martuni region, a pomegranate festival will be held on October 21.

Pomegranate Festival will be held in Martuni

Pomegranate Festival will be held in Martuni

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 21ARTSAKHPRESS: The representative of the regional administration Ani Khachatryan told "Artsakhpress" that the pomegranate festival is being organized for the second time.

 As Ani Khachatryan informed, about 30 pavilions will be formed at the festival, where representatives of Martuni communities, Syunik marz and all those from other regions who want to participate in the festival will present their product, dishes of Artsakh cuisine and art works.

"Pomegranate is a symbol of Martuni. The region is famous for its pomegranate orchards. The organization of the festival aimed at giving an opportunity to sell the product,'' she informed.  

Talking about the price of the products presented at the festival, our interlocutor informed that they will be offered to consumers at a cheaper price than the market price.