Doctors from Fresno conduct free examinations in Stepanakert

At the initiative of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Fresno and with the support of the local Armenian community, a group of doctors from Fresno, California, USA will conduct free consultations, surgical interventions on October 8-12 in Stepanakert, Artsakh.

Doctors from Fresno conduct free examinations in Stepanakert

Doctors from Fresno conduct free examinations in Stepanakert
STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 9ARTSAKHPRESS: In an interview with Artsakhpress, the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Fresno Perch Abgaryan informs that it is their 3rd visit to Armenia and Artsakh. He noted that they arrived in Artsakh with a group of 22 members.

Medical service in "Republican Medical Center" CJSC is implemented by maxillofacial surgeon, laryngologist and therapist.
''In Mother and Child Health Care Center"- obstetrician-gynecologist, in “Arevik” children's medical unit - pediatric urologist and dentist, and in "Oncological Dispensary" CJSC -surgeon-oncologist.
P. Abgaryan noted that non-Armenian doctors are also included in the group of specialists who came to Artsakh and Armenia with great willingness.
According to our interlocutor, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Artsakh, Arayik Baghryan on October 8 received the delegation of doctors from Fresno to Artsakh.
"The Minister highly appreciated our mission. We have discussed our further cooperation,'' he noted.

Vache Vasilian, an Armenian dentist from the US Fresno City informed that thegroup of 11 doctors examined 190 patients in a day and performed eight surgeries.
In general, it is planned to carry out about 65 surgeries. Such visits are aimed at sharing experiences. Every time visiting Artsakh, we feel more obliged to do everything to make our contribution to the people of Artsakh, "he said.

Ara Soghomonyan, a therapist who arrived in Artsakh from Fresno, told us that most of the citizens have problems with hypertension, diabetes and asthma.
He also informed that they brought medicines to Artsakh.
For the first time, vascular surgeon Sammi Eghbalieh in Artsakh, said: "My brother came to Artsakh last year and performed surgeries here. He returned from Artsakh with good impressions. This year I decided to come. I am also impressed with the attitude of the people of Artsakh. The conditions of the hospital here are very good,'' he noted.

Dentist Janet Chang is also in Artsakh for the first time.
She informed that they arrived in Artsakh to share their experience with local doctors."