The delegation of the French city of Valence visited Stepanakert

At the initiative of the foundation of ''The House of Paul Eluard francophone center'', the delegation of the French town of Valence headed by its mayor Nicolas Daragon, within the framework of Francophone events, visited Stepanakert's school N1 after Khachatur Abovyan and Charles Aznavour Cultural Center.

The delegation of the French city of Valence visited Stepanakert

The delegation of the French city of Valence visited Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 10ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" reports, the pupils welcomed the delegation with folk dances.

The guests toured the school, attended open lessons of French in different classes, and communicated with teachers and pupils.

The school's deputy head teacher, Irina Tadevosyan. said that for several years, French is taught as a third foreign language at the school.

"Due to the diligent work of French language teachers, the pupils are fond of studying French. We have a French classroom. Our teachers and pupils also visit Stepanakert's "''The House of Paul Eluard francophone center''" foundation, where they learn French more deeply. The schoolchildren are able to speak French frluently "added the deputy head techer and added that their school regularly receives guests from France.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Valence City, Frank Homas, this is his third visit to Artsakh within the framework of the memorandum signed between Stepanakert and Valance.
He informed that they arrived in Artsakh with a group of 50 people.
"Our ties with Artsakh are close. We were very happy to see how much pupils know about France. They spoke fluently with us in French. Despite tensions on the border, people in Artsakh can build, and develop this cozy land.

Artsakh has changed a lot. I must say that we have a lot to learn from the people of Artsakh. We want to further deepen our cooperation, especially in the context of cultural trends. With spirit and heart we are always with Artsakh and Artsakh people, "he noted.

Afterwards, they visited Cultural Center after Charles Aznavour. They laid flowers at the Eternity" sculpture.