Church of Hochants village is being renovated

The restoration works of the church in the village of Hochants in Kashatagh region are being financed by the Tufenkian Foundation.

Church of Hochants village is being renovated

Church of Hochants village is being renovated
STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 17, ARTSAKHPRESS: Assistant Executive Director of the ''Tufenkian'' Foundation, Medina Hovhannisyan said in an interview with"Artsakhpress", adding that the construction works started a month ago and will last for about three months."
The restoration of roofs and the construction of tiled covering are underway. It is planned to restore the roof, to build a completely demolished altar and floor, to repair the church walls, and to improve the church territory,'' added. Hovhannisyan.

She informed that this is the third church being restored in the Kashatagh region by the foundation.
"Previously, similar works were carried out in churches of Hak and Mirik villages. Since Tufenkian Foundation's programs are mainly being implemented in the Kashatagh region, we try to restore the churches and sanctuaries of this region, "he said. Hovhannisyan.

                                                                                             Photo by "'Tufenkian'' Foundation