Putin addresses gas price issue at EEU videoconference

Armenia and Belarus do not accept the common formula of the gas price formation proposed to EEU member countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a videoconference with leaders of the union.

Putin addresses gas price issue at EEU videoconference

Putin addresses gas price issue at EEU videoconference
STEPANAKERT, MAY 19, ARTSAKHPRESS-ARMENPRESS: The formula has been proposed in the EEU 2025 Development Strategy draft.
“The draft is almost agreed upon, with the exception of one item, which refers to the gas transportation tariffs,” Putin said.
He said the formula is endorsed by Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
“Armenia and Belarus aren’t yet accepting this formula. They have their view over the matter,” the Russian president added.

Putin said if the item was agreed upon then the strategy could be adopted.

He said that Belarus and Armenia are proposing to define a common price of gas. However, Putin said such a move is only possible in the event of having a single market with a single budget and a single tax system.

“We haven’t reached such a deep level of integration yet; we all know it. I think the gas price should be formed in market conditions for now”, he added.

Putin said that if Belarus and Armenia continue maintaining their stance then the item should be withdrawn from the draft in order for it to be adopted today.