Sen. Graham shows his true colors in phone call with fake Turkish minister

Sen. Lindsey Graham (Republican, South Carolina) has become infamous for blocking a motion by Sen. Bob Menendez (Democrat, New Jersey) urging the Senate to vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution by bypassing the Foreign Relations Committee.

Harut Sassounian: Erdogan meets Trump in the White House: the result is a tragicomedy

It is difficult to know where to start commenting on the ridiculous press conference between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Pres. Donald Trump at the White House on November 13, 2019. Unfortunately, we do not know what was discussed when the two presidents met earlier behind closed doors.

Women in Artsakh Politics

The low participation of women in politics is a global issue.

US lists Azerbaijan and Turkey among most egregious violators of religious freedom

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) issued on April 29, 2019, its Annual Report listing the “world’s most egregious violators of religious freedom,” among which, not surprisingly, are Azerbaijan and Turkey. Both states are categorized as “Countries of Particular Concern.”

Is Parliamentary Diplomacy a Way Out of Isolation? Artsakh Proves It Is

The past years have witnessed a remarkable increase of parliamentary engagement in the field of foreign policy and international politics.

America has no right to tell Armenia not to send a humanitarian squad to Syria

The US government recently created a new and unnecessary controversy, this time with the Republic of Armenia.