Steps are being taken in Artsakh for preservation of plants and animals species. SNPO Director

''Green Artsakh Biosphere Complex'' SNPO (State Non-profit Orgazation) which is directly under the control of the Ministry of Nature Protection and Natural Resources of the Republic of Artsakh, has begun its activities since July 3, 2018.

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has new director

Haykak Arshamyan has been appointed director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, as informs, the latter’s press officer, Anush Martirosyan, told Armenpress.

Artsakh Celebrates Stepanakert Day and 95th anniversary of renaming of the city (Photos)

On the occasion of Stepankert Day and the 95th anniversary of the renaming of the city a number of events were held at the capital’s central park after Stepan Shahumyan.

Pomegranate Festival will be held in Martuni

On the initiative of the regional administration of Martuni region, a pomegranate festival will be held on October 21.

New kindergarten to be opened in Stepanakert in 2019

With the co-financing of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Artsakh State budget, the construction of a new kindergarten on the ground floor of Stepankert's Tigran Mets building is underway.

Google changes doodle to mark Armenia’s 27th anniversary of independence

In celebration of Armenia’s national holiday, Independence Day, the google doodle is also hoisting the country’s animated flag and has been changed to national colors of orange, red and blue, reports.

In January-August of current year most marriages were registered in Stepanakert

In January-August of the current year, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Artsakh has registered 559 marriages as compared to the 583 cases of the previous year, Civil Acts Registration Office and Notary Office of the Ministry of Justice of Artsakh reported.

Water supply network improvement works in several communities of Martakert region are underway

Water supply network improvement works in two districts of Martakert town and the Nor Karmiravan, Vank, Nerkin Horatagh, Drmbon, Vaghuhas, Haterk, Kichan and Zaglik communities of Martakert region are underway.

Representative of the Polish company held a seminar on branding in Stepanakert

Today, on September 19, a seminar on ''Branding'' was held in Stepanakert on the initiative of the Artsakh Republic Ministry of Economy and Industrial Infrastructures.

Group of foreign journalists and bloggers visit Artsakh

A group of foreign journalists and bloggers from Russia, Latvia, Hungary, Israel and Italy visited Artsakh on the initiative of ''Artsakhakert'' NGO.

Facebook accused of gender discrimination in job adss

Van driving, roofing, police work - all jobs for men. At least, that’s what a cluster of job ads placed on Facebook seemed to suggest.

Improvement works of Martakert streets are underway

Improvement works of several streets of Martakert is underway.

Oath ceremony of the first-year students was held in the Artsakh State University

Today the oath ceremony of the first-year students was held in the Artsakh State University.

Pope to Armenian Mekhitarist Congregation: continue to illuminate the path to unity

A letter from Pope Francis was read at the conclusion of celebrations marking 300 years from the foundation of the Armenian Mekhitarist Congregation in its Monastery in Venice, Vatican News reports.

Armenia velvet revolution to be discussed at Harvard University

A discussion devoted to the velvet revolution in Armenia will be held on September 27, at Harvard University in the US.

Auditorium after Andrey Nuykin opened in Artsakh State University

On September 17 an auditorium after Andrey Nuykin, one of the founders and inspirers of the "Karabakh" Russian Intelligentsia Committee was opened in Artsakh State University.

International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the massacres of Armenians in Baku took place in Stepanakert

An international conference titled "Baku 1918: Continuation of the Armenian Genocide", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the massacres of Armenians in Baku, held today at the joint initiative of the Artsakh Scientific Center, Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and the Armenian National Cultural Autonomy in St. Petersburg.

Bicycle Race dedicated to the Day of Physical Education organized in Stepanakert

On September 17, a bicycle race dedicated to the Day of Physical Education was organized in Stepanakert with participation of about 150 pupils.

Tourists are impressed with the Artsakh wine festival

A large number of tourists took part in the fifth Artsakh wine festival held in Togh village of Hadrout region on September 15.

‘Armenia is great’: Jean-Claude Van Damme arrives in Yerevan

Belgian martial artist and movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has arrived in Yerevan.