Artur Tovmasyan: We support the President's reforms

ArtsakhPress had an interview with Artur Tovmasyan, head of the largest faction of the Artsakh Parliament, the ‘'Motherland'' political party . Issues touched upon included possible change in the policies of the ''Free Motherland'' political party, as well as recent political events.

Artur Tovmasyan: We support the President's reforms

Artur Tovmasyan: We support the President's reforms

STEPANAKERT, JULY 26, ARTSAKHPRESS: The interview is presented below:

-Mr. Tovmasyan, how do you asses the works carried out by the Parliament and 'Motherland '' faction  during the seventh session?

- I think it was efficient, since, overall, the parliamentary activity proceeded as planned. Out of the adopted laws, I want to highlight Artsakh’s law ''On Freedom of Assembly''. Discussion of the 2017 budget implementation was also  important. In addition, extensive steps have been taken toward adjusting Artsakh’s laws to the new Constitution.

- Based on the principle of succession, the chairman of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health was changed. Member of ''Motherland'' political faction, Ararat Ohandjanyan replaced another member of that faction, Aram Grigoryan, on that post. After Ruslan Israelyan, who was the chairman of the Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management, left the faction and the party, Aram Grigoryan was appointed to that post.

-Mr. Tovmasyan, there were some explanations connected with Ruslan Israyelyan's resignation. Do you have anything to add?

- Ruslan Israyelyan's resignation both from the ''Motherland'' political faction and from the 'Free Motherland'' party was his own decision. He publicly announced his resignation. Naturally, we would like him to stay. However, we respect his decision. I can only add that other members of our faction do not have such an intention to resign.

-I believe many are interested in the next question. What does his new appointment as advisor to the president give Arayik Harutyunyan, who is also head of the “Motherland” party? What has changed in the party's policy after his resignation from the post of State Minister?

-Arayik Harutyunyan is one of the most experienced political figures, who is head of Artsakh's largest and most influential political party. His resignation from the post of State Minister was not influenced by any misunderstanding with the President. On the contrary, we continue to support Bako Sahakyan and his reforms.

-As for the new office of Mr. Harutyunyan, I think the President offered him the post taking into account Mr. Harutyunyan's aforementioned attributes.

-Mr. Tovmasyan, how do you explain the Artsakh Republic's recent political event?

-Through the lens of the Velvet Revolution, which took place in Armenia.  We should not neglect the Velvet Revolution as the main reason and result of political events in Artsakh. This does not mean that there were no problems and discontents before that. In spite of the fact that some Armenian reform sentiments reached Artsakh, overall these reform sentiments have calmed down.

-Our ideas in comparison to the opposition have often differed. However, we have always had the same position concerning the Karabakh conflict.

-If any political force wants to voice its beliefs through public rallies, it should be given that opportunity.But we should not forget that we live in a conflict zone and our actions should not split our society.

-Mr. Tovmasyan, after the change of power in Armenia, where do we stand today? Is there a negotiation process or not? What should we expect in the near future?

-As of today I do not find any solutions to the conflict, since there is great mistrust between the sides. The actions on the Artsakh-Azerbaijani border and in Nakhijevan are not optimistic. At the same time, taking the lessons of 2016, Azerbaijan will not take the risk of starting a war.