Artsakh has all attributes to be independent and recognized state. Member of European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament Jaromír Štětina is in Artsakh on a working visit.

Artsakh has all attributes to be independent and recognized state. Member of European Parliament

Artsakh has all attributes to be independent and recognized state. Member of European Parliament

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 15, ARTSAKHPRESS: During the visit, he was received by the President of the Republic of Artsakh, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as visited the Parliament. Artsakhpress had an interview with Jaromír Štětina. The interview is presented below:
- Mr. Štětina, during your regular visit to Artsakh, you had meetings with the highest authorities. What issues were discussed during these meetings?

First of all I must say that I am glad to visit Artsakh again and to meet with the highest authorities of the Artsakh Republic. I think we had very interesting discussions. In particular, we talked about the possibilities of establishing direct contacts between Artsakh and the European Union.This process should be speed up. For example, the lobbying system in EU structures should be built by appointing a representative of Artsakh in the European Parliament. I also proposed as an expert to involve two people from Artsakh in the European Parliament for practical training and exchange of experience.
During the meetings we have discussed all these issues and I am happy to state that the Artsakh authorities are ready to expand and develop these relations.

 The rights of the people living in Artsakh continue to be brutally violated by Azerbaijan. The authorities of that country even demand European countries to ban free movement of Artsakh citizens in Europe.
-What do you think why the European Union or the European Parliament does not take steps to prevent this anti-democratic initiative?

There are forces in the European Union and the European Parliament that do not want to see that process. But that should be our front, our struggle.
Azerbaijan wants to distort Artsakh's political and economic system, and Baku is trying to intimidate those visiting Artsakh. For example, after my previous visit to Artsakh during the Constitutional referendum, Baku appealed to Interpol to arrest me but was rejected because the organization is not engaged in political issues.

Mr. Štětina., You have been visiting Artsakh for a long time and You are well aware of our management system. Do You consider de jure unrecognized republic of Artsakh democratic country?

- I think that Artsakh has all the attributesfor being an independent and recognized state. There is a democratic system here, all the institutions function, and all this is regulated by the new Constitution.
In addition, the Republic of Artsakh is able to organize its defense and has a developed and developing economic system. These are important components, and I personally confirm that as I have regularly visited Artsakh within the last 30 years