Community center opened in Khnzristan, Artsakh Republic

An opening ceremony of a new community center took place Thursday in the Khndzristan community of Askeran region.

Community center opened in Khnzristan, Artsakh Republic

Community center opened in Khnzristan, Artsakh Republic

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 21,  ARTSAKHPRESS: The center was built by the sponsors of the Toronto affiliate of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Mr. & Mrs. Sarkis and Haygouhi Maranjian and the Artsakh Government.

As “Artsakhpress”reports, Executive Director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Haykak Arshamyan, congratulated the residents of the village, noting that the center will make the community’s daily life more interesting.

“The project of building community centers succeeded, truly, because community life should be enlivened and only the economic assistance to the community does not solve all the problems of the village. I assure you that active works are being conducted with the Artsakh government and we are satisfied with that cooperation,” said Haykak Arshamyan.

Afterwards, Executive Director of the Fund read the message of Mkrtich Mkrtichian, Chairman of the Fund’s Toronto affiliate, who was unable to attend the opening of the community center due to health problems.

In his message M. Mkrtichian noted that the Toronto affiliate completed one more task in the territory of Artsakh.

"This one was our 64th task and we call it “Center for Life”, which   includes a first aid station, a library, an art hall, regional administration, as well as a hall for ceremonies.

We dedicate the center to the memory of the village hero Ashot Bekor. I express my gratitude to all the builders, the fund's director and architects who took part in the construction works, "reads the message.

Artsakh NA Chairman Ashot Ghulyan noted that one of the most effective nationwide programs implemented in Artsakh in recent years is the construction of community centers.

"Construction of community centers allows us to solve a number of complex problems in our settlements. Like many of my compatriots, I have always been proud of my birthplace, but the Artsakh liberation war dramatically changed the overall image of Khndzristan village.

This is the native village of Bekor Ashot, “Battle Cross" Order bearers Alish Beglaryan, Nerses Ghoulyan, Rafik Avanesyan, Henrik Mirzoyan, Mher Poghosyan, Marat Avanesyan, David Beglaryan and a dozens of freedom fighters, who fell victim during Artsakh Liberation War.  And in such a hero village diverse projects should be implemented every year, "added Artsakh NA Chairman.
On behalf of the Khndzristian residents, community leader Artur Avanesyan thanked for such a wonderful building, noting that it will give everyone a new breath and spirit.

The benefactors of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Minister of Urban Planning of Artsakh Republic Karen Shahramanyan, other officials and guests attended the opening ceremony of the community center.





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