Ombudsman: 19 civilians killed, 80 injured, and over 2,700 items of property and infrastructure damaged in Artsakh

A thorough investigation and analysis of cases of criminal encroachments committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces against the civilian population of Artsakh was carried out for September 27, 2020 - October 4, 2020, as part of the fact-finding mission organized in the office of the Artsakh Human Rights Defender.

Ombudsman: 19 civilians killed, 80 injured, and over 2,700 items of property and infrastructure damaged in Artsakh

Ombudsman: 19 civilians killed, 80 injured, and over 2,700 items of property and infrastructure damaged in Artsakh

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 5, ARTSAKHPRESS: The results are presented below:

As of October 4, a total of 19 civilians were killed, including 1 young girl, 7 women, and 11 men. A child, five women, and four men were killed in the courtyard of their house, and the rest were killed in public places in different settlements - central square, district. Fatal cases were recorded in the cities of Stepanakert (7 people), Martuni (6 people), Hadrut (1 person) and Martakert (3 people), in the village of Alashan (1 person), and near the village of Mets Shen (1 person) in Martakert region.

A total of about 80 people were injured. Of these, 60 were seriously injured - 48 men and 12 women.

A total of 24 victims were injured by a shell explosion in or near their home (in 8 cases the shells exploded in the backyard of an apartment building), and 6 people were injured when a shell hit a vehicle while moving to a relatively safe place. Seven people were injured as a result of shelling of the building of the State Emergency Service, which performs humanitarian functions, and 23 - as a result of shelling of other public places.

Twenty-two people were seriously injured in Stepanakert or adjacent areas.

Since September 27, Azerbaijani armed forces have struck over 60 civilian settlements in the Republic of Artsakh, destroying or damaging numerous infrastructure and private property. In particular, more than 2,100 private real estate objects (houses, shops, etc.), more than 240 cars, about 350 infrastructure, and industrial facilities were seriously damaged.

Azerbaijan opened fire on Sunday and Monday at the civil infrastructure and residential buildings of the capital of the Republic of Artsakh - Stepanakert - with heavy rockets.

The indicated data are not final, the employees of the Artsakh Ombudsman's office continue the mission of finding the facts, the results will be clarified.
The human rights defender emphasizes that victims and wounded were recorded as a result of the use of prohibited types of weapons and prohibited methods, and in recent days, Azerbaijan has begun to widely use against the civilian population also heavy missile and aircraft weapons of a wide range, some of which are of cluster type. Moreover, over the past two days in Stepanakert and a number of other settlements, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have deliberately and precisely targeted vital infrastructures, which constitutes a serious war crime aggravating the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.

Data of persons who died before October 4 inclusive:

1. Lesmonia Stepanyan, born 1941, city of Hadrut

2.Victoria Gevorkyan, born in 2011, the city of Martuni

3. Ellada Balayan, born in 1961, the city of Martuni

4. Eric Grigoryan, born 1996, Stepanakert

5. Luba Mamunts, born 1957, Martakert

6. Larisa Mamunts, born in 1959, Martakert

7. Grant Khachatryan, born 1955, Martakert

8. Grisha Narinyan, born 1992, Martuni

9. Armen Hovsepyan, born in 1985, Martuni

10. Valerik Dadayan, born 1956, Martuni

11. Data not available, Martuni

12. Data not available, p. Alashan

13. Ruzanna Hovhannisyan, Stepanakert, age to be confirmed

14. Hovik Aghajanyan, Stepanakert, age to be confirmed.

15. Data not available, Stepanakert

16. Suren Mirzoyan, born in 1962, Stepanakert

17. The identities of three more people are being checked






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