Famous singer's song "My Hadrut" premiered

On the eve of Hadrut Day (on August 15) Sar Sargsyan, an Armenain singer whose roots come from Hadrut, has presented his new vocal composition "My Hadrut".

Famous singer's song "My Hadrut" premiered

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 12, ARTSAKHPRESS"The idea of creating this song came to me after losing my native Hadrut. The text on which this work is based was written in the 1980s. The author is Sokrat Khanyan, a famous Armenian poet and writer, who is originally from Hadrut. The song was recorded at the Spox Music studio in Warsaw.

It is dedicated to the memory of all the heroes who have fallen while defending our Homeland. It is devoted to the future of the Armenians.

This is a call to the whole world that no one should ever dare to take someone else's house or impose another destiny on anyone.

I hope that one day the song" My Hadrut "will be sung in Hadrut on the occasion of another holiday," said S. Sargsyan.