A water network being built in Tsovategh

The community of Tsovategh of Martuni region of the Artsakh Republic has 146 residents. After the war, all the residents have returned to the village.

A water network being built in Tsovategh

A water network being built in Tsovategh

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 8, ARTSAKHPRESSThe head of the community, Samvel Abrahamyan told "Artsakhpress”.

"As soon as the war ended, the villagers have returned to the village. We will gladly welcome 12 more families of our displaced compatriots, but the houses to be provided need renovation.

The school has admitted 13 students this academic year. The building conditions are in good condition. We do not have a kindergarten, as the number of pre-school children is small. There is a community center in the village, an aid station; the building conditions of which are bad. The ceremony hall is new. It is designed for 180 people. The village is provided with electricity; it is not gasified, but the need is felt more and more day by day.

We had a water supply problem during the summer. Currently a water network is being built in the village. One house was destroyed during the war, which has been renovated by the “Tufenkian” Charitable Foundation," said S. Abrahamyan.

The head of the community noted with regret that during the recent battles for the defense of the homeland 6 of their fellow-villagers have fallen.

Speaking about the employment of the residents and their future plans, our interlocutor noted that the population is mainly engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture.