US arms exports fall 21% in 2021

US arms exports have fallen 21 percent, from $175 billion to $138 billion, in 2021, according to the State Department data, informs, citing TASS.

US arms exports fall 21% in 2021

US arms exports fall 21% in 2021

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 24, ARTSAKHPRESS: It is noted that in 2021, the amount of intergovernmental contacts approved by the State Department for the supply of weapons totaled $34.81 billion. The amount of such contracts in the private sector amounted to $103.4 billion.

In 2020, these figures were $50.78 billion and $124.3 billion, respectively. The total amount was about $175 billion; that is, there was a decrease in exports by about 21 percent.

American experts hope that the policy of former President Donald Trump, who was ready to sell weapons to the whole world for profit, will end. This is evidenced by incumbent President Joe Biden's intention to review such deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Proponents of arms control, who want more transparency and a review of Trump's policies, believe that the US should be guided by humanitarian, not sectoral considerations in terms of supplies.