Mobile photography exhibition entitled "My Motherland" opened in Stepanakert

A mobile photography exhibition entitled "My Motherland" has been opened in the gallery of Stepanakert.

Mobile photography exhibition entitled "My Motherland" opened in Stepanakert

Mobile photography exhibition entitled

STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 15, ARTSAKHPRESS:  As "Artsakhpress" informs, episodes of peace and war days, both from Artsakh and Armenia, as well as from Russia, Italy, Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovakia  have been presented. In an interview with ''Artsakhpress'', the head of the information and public relations department of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Artsakh Republic, Nare Nikoghosyan, informed that the author of the initiative is Yerevan-based photographer Armen Yengoyan.

Нет описания."The idea of the exhibition was born during the 44-day Artsakh war.

In support of Artsakh Armenians, he tried to unite photographers from other countries around one idea," she said, adding that the works of 23 photographers have been presented at the exhibition. Due to Azerbaijani blocking the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia and the outer world, the author of the idea was not able to attend the opening of the exhibitionto be present at the opening of the exhibition, and the organizational work was coordinated by Artsakh sculptor Armen Petrosyan.

Нет описания."One of the best ways to talk to the world today is culture, including the exhibition of such photos. Nowadays, when words seem to have become devalued, art and culture have become the weapons thanks to which we can fight, speak more sincerely and in the language of human feelings with the international community. I think this exhibition is a clear proof of that,'' said Nare Nikoghosyan.

Нет описания.Нет описания.The mobile exhibition was also presented in the towns of Martakert, Askeran, Berdashen and Maghavuz communities. It is also planned to present the photos in Yerevan.

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