Artsakh defense army dismisses Azerbaijan “information”

The Defense Army of Artsakh responded to the lies of the Azerbaijani propaganda machine, which said the Artsakhi side wanted to down the helicopter of Azerbaijan’s defense minister.

Artsakh defense army dismisses Azerbaijan “information”

Artsakh defense army dismisses Azerbaijan “information”

STEPANAKERT, MAY 17,  ARTSAKHPRESS: Senor Hasratyan, spokesman of the Defense Army of Artsakh, released a statement on Facebook in response to Azerbaijan’s disinformation.

“The another fabrication that, allegedly, the Armenian side had aimed to down the helicopter transporting the defense minister of that country, was ‘commented on,’ with its inherent primitiveness, also by the military agitprop that serves the personal interests of Hasanov.” Hasratyan wrote.

“This unfounded disinformation, which has nothing to do with reality, just aims at resolving two matters: First, justifying the aggressive Azerbaijani action that was carried on a NKR Defense Army military object on May 15. And second, showing—so as to elevate Hasanov’s ‘image’ among its own public—as to under what extremely dangerous conditions the former army deserter, who has reached from an ordinary military commissariat’s to the defense minister’s chairs, is working.”