Artsakh’s stability is above everything, Armenian President says

Meeting between Artsakh and Armenian Presidents is over. During the meeting various issues related to Armenia-Artsakh cooperation were discussed. After the meeting Armenian President, Armen Sarkissian, answered reporters’ questions.

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 13, ARTSAKHPRESS: As ArtsakhPress correspondent informed, Armen Sarkissian said that he has been long planning to visit Artsakh with his family. He wanted to show them his grandmother’s birthplace — Askeran region’s Harav village.

“Today I am here on a short visit to meet with Artsakh Republic President and to be by Artsakh’s side. In April-May, when the process of velvet revolution started in Armenia, Bako Sahakyan was often in Yerevan and with his presence he reminded us that national interests are above everything. Everyone of us should be careful so that the developing events don’t reflect on Artsakh’s stability and security in any way. I believe it’s my duty to be in Artsakh today without any intention to interfere with the internal political life of Artsakh. I am glad to note that Artsakh is indeed an established state. It is a country that has democratic institutions, an elected parliament and president, as well as people who are proud for being citizens of Artsakh and for having an established state. I am hopeful that existing problems will be solved as soon as possible since Artsakh's stability is above everything,'' Armen Sarkissian said.

The Armenian President also noted that Armenia and the Diaspora are watching closely events of Artsakh.

''Artsakh is of particular importance for all our people. We don't have the right to be defeated in this question. I am confident all the problems will be solved,'' Armen Sarkissian concluded.