Holding Eurovision contest in Israel is at risk

The Palestinian Authority has launched a campaign to stop the Eurovision Song Contest from being held in Jerusalem, although it’s still unclear whether the contest would be held in the city next year, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Holding Eurovision contest in Israel is at risk

Holding Eurovision contest in Israel is at risk

STEPANAKERT, JULY 5, ARTSAKHPRESS: Ahmed Assaf, the PA minister in charge of the official Palestinian media, said he has sent dozens of letters to Arab and European parties warning them against holding next year’s Eurovision in Jerusalem, which he said was “occupied Palestinian land according to international law and United Nations resolutions.”

He said, that in his letters, he made it clear that holding the Eurovision in “occupied Jerusalem would mean legitimizing the Israeli occupation and practices, including the Judaization of the city and house demolitions.”

The minister also warned that holding the song contest in Jerusalem would “constitute a grave violation of the international law, especially the 4th Geneva Convention, which prohibits altering the status of the city which is under occupation.”