Delegation of University of Leipzig visited Artsakh State University

Artsakh State University hosted the delegation headed by Stephan Troebst, the Deputy Director of the Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO) at the University of Leipzig on Sept. 13.

Delegation of University of Leipzig visited Artsakh State University

Delegation of  University of  Leipzig visited Artsakh State University
STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 13ARTSAKHPRESS:  The theme of the meeting was "Frozen conflicts in the South Caucasus.
As ''Artsakhpress'' reports, Manush Minasyan, Artsakh State University Rector in her opening speech thanked the members of the Leipzig University delegation for visiting Artsakh State University. Minasyan told about the path, achievements and activities of Artsakh State University.
"We have always tried to be involved in the European educational system. Artsakh State University has problems which are conditioned by the unrecognized country. In spite of Azerbaijan's policy our university today has more than 35 agreement signed with other universities, including European, Russian and Armenian higher educational institutions, "she added.
Stephan Troebst said that this is their first visit to the South Caucasus, which is a region of many frozen conflicts.
"We started our trips from the Georgian-Abkhazian border and then we were in Armenia where we met with the Foreign and Defense Ministers. We also met with the Foreign Minister of Artsakh.

Most members of our delegation visited Artsakh are Armenians, Poles and Hungarians. We are here to get acquainted with the achievements and problems of Artsakh, "he said and noted that doesn’t matter what status the country they visited has.
Martina Keilbach, Coordinator of Global and Regional Studies school at Leipzig University said that
within the framework of their visit they are going to get acquainted with the Karabakh conflict more closely, to communicate with the people of Artsakh and get acquainted with other issues.
Head of Department of the Office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan said that those coming Artsakh from abroad very often have an opinion that Artsakh is only a conflict zone. Coming to Artsakh, they see that domestic life of the country is peaceful.

"In comparison with the European countries, the level of domestic security of Artsakh is higher. Unfortunately, we have a conflict with Azerbaijan, which is the main cause of general tension in the region. Azerbaijan regularly threatens war and makes anti-Armenian statements. Despite these problems and difficulties, we have built and are building our statehood.

One of the bases for strengthening the statehood is the protection of human rights. One of the steps for reaching our goal was formation of the Human Rights Defender's Institute in 2008. In addition to the improvement of the human rights protection environment, Azerbaijan's behavior is also a serious challenge.
The rights of the Artsakh people are violated by Azerbaijan, both in war and in peaceful situations, from the right to life to the educational and socio-economic rights. Azerbaijan limits the freedom of movement not only of Artsakh citizens but also foreigners, including them into Azerbaijani "black list", "A. Beglaryan said.

At the end of the meeting, students and lecturers asked questions.