Tourists are impressed with the Artsakh wine festival

A large number of tourists took part in the fifth Artsakh wine festival held in Togh village of Hadrout region on September 15.

Tourists are impressed with the Artsakh wine festival

Tourists are impressed with the Artsakh wine festival
STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 15ARTSAKHPRESS:  In an interview with ArtsakhPress, Ekaterina Mikhailovna from Russian Federation, who visited Artsakh for the first time, said learning about the fifth wine festival to be organized in Togh village, has at once decided to come and take part.

"This is a great celebration. People here are happy, everyone smiles, dances, works. I tasted Artsakh wines and frankly speaking they have high quality.
My impressions about Artsakh and Artsakh people are great. I hope that in the future I will visit Artsakh again and participate in such magnificent events, "she said.
David Derchini, who arrived in Artsakh from Hungary, also visited Artsakh for the first time.
"It is very nice to be in one of the historic sites of Artsakh, in the Melik Palace of Togh, where such an event was organized.
I tasted Artsakh dishes, wines. I especially liked the red wine of "Voske Wines", which, I think, will be competitive in our country.
In my opinion, such festivals are important not only for the country, but also for tourists, " he said.
Larisa Pavlovna from Russia visited Artsakh for the fourth time.
"This is my first visit to Melik Palace of Togh. We, the visitors from abroad, are very impressed with this festival. I've tasted many wines. Everyone has a unique taste.
I will be glad to have an opportunity to participate in such events again, " she said.