Charles Aznavour's bust installed in Stepanakert. Today is the birthday of the world-famous Chansonnier

On May 22, the opening ceremony of the bust of Charles Aznavour, a famous French-Armenian singer, chansonnier, composer, poet, writer, film actor and public figure, took place in the Armenian-French friendship park located in the territory of Stepanakert's Charles Aznavour Cultural Center.

Charles Aznavour's bust installed in Stepanakert. Today is the birthday of the world-famous Chansonnier

Charles Aznavour's bust installed in Stepanakert. Today is the birthday of the world-famous Chansonnier

STEPANAKERT, MAY 22, ARTSAKHPRESS: The honor of opening the bust was given to the sculptor, the author of the bust Yuri Hovhannisyan and the director of the Charles Aznavour Cultural Center, Armen Hovsepyan.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէStudents of the "Children of Artsakh" ensemble and the Artsakh State Dance Ensemble performed and danced under the songs of the famous French-Armenian singer.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէDirector of the Charles Aznavour Cultural Center, Armen Hovsepyan, presenting the life of Charles Aznavour, highly assessed the role and merit of the great French-Armenian singer in the world culture and in the life of the Armenian people.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"Charles Aznavour's role during the  years of the Spitak earthquake is undeniable. In 2001, at the event dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, Charles Aznavour sang his famous song "Ave Maria" in front of the eternal fire of the Armenian Genocide Monument. He always supported the Armenian people. And today, on his birthday, his bust has been opened in a cozy park symbolizing the Armenian-French friendship. We are proud that our center is named after the patriotic figure.

Dear Charles, your name will always remain in the heart of every Armenian," said Hovsepyan.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէAccording to the sculptor Yuri Havhannisyan, May is a month of fateful victories for the Armenian people. It is not accidental that Charles Aznavour was born in May; a man who wished so much love, hope, faith, kindness to humanity.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"Living and creating in the capital of arts, Paris, as a poet and singer, he created a unique and soulful song by synthesizing the traditions of Sayat-Nova and French folk music, becoming an ambassador of love for all mankind. He was born and lived as an Armenian and created as a French, becoming a symbol of the friendship between the Armenian and French peoples.

Today, when the Armenian people are living through one of the most difficult days in their history, we see France  next to us with its resolute appeal. And as its guarantee, let the bust of Aznavour give an incomparable shine to the capital of Artsakh, for the glory of the centuries-old friendship of the Armenian-French peoples, and push us to new successes. "The monument is a word of gratitude from the Artsakh people to the French people," Hovhannisyan said, in particular.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէThe architect Mamikon Farsiyan told us that today is a special day for him, because his dream came true today, finally the bust of the great Armenian has been installed on his birthday.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"The idea for the sculpture was born a long time ago, but for some reason its implementation was delayed.

At first we were hesitating about which  character of Charles Aznavour to create: a restrained, concerned or smiling Aznavour. As a result, we have had the second option. In this difficult situation for the Armenian people, we want Aznavour's smile to be symbolic for the next generation. It was very difficult to create the image of Aznavour, because he is so rich in his conscious and modest life that we haven't included excesses in this work of art," added M. Farsiyan.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէThe event was attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh Arthur Tovmasyan, Chief of Staff of the President of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan, Secretary of Artsakh's Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan, Deputy Minister of  the Ministry of Education, Science,  Culture and Sport Gayane Grigoryan, other officials, art lovers, teachers and students who laid flowers at the pedestal of the great chansonnier.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէԲնութագրությունը հասանալի չէԲնութագրությունը հասանալի չէCharles Aznavour (Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian) was born on May 22, 1924, in Paris, and died on October 1, 2018, at his home in the south of France. Charles Aznavour is the pride of the Armenian people. During his music career he recorded about 1200 songs in different languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Armenian, Russian, Neapolitan.  Moreover, he wrote or co-wrote more than 1,000 songs for himself and others. One of France's most popular and enduring singers,Aznavour sold between 180 and 200 million records during his lifetime, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He is one of the most famous French singers.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ