"Artsakh of Life". Mane Tandilyan

Within the framework of the "Artsakh of Life" project, “Artsakhpress” interviewed the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Migration of the Republic of Artsakh, Mane Tandilyan.

"Artsakh of Life". Mane Tandilyan

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 9, ARTSAKHPRESS"Artsakh exists and will be Armenian, next to Armenia and with Armenia," said Tandilyan.
Ms. Tandilyan is optimistic about the future of Artsakh. "However, there is a lot to do in all the directions," she said, expressing confidence that work should be done to reach the pro-Armenian and just solution to the Artsakh issue.
Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"As a responsible official, I took on the responsibility of solving urgent social problems in advance. We have created conditions to improve the social situation of our compatriots who returned to Artsakh.

I think our short-term problem that includes different social programs and various infrastructural corrections has been solved. Now is the stage of medium- and long-term work, when houses must be built quickly and opportunities for the economic development must be created, so that the people of Artsakh will be self-sufficient in terms of income.

"Today, we can already state that the people of Artsakh, having gone through so many disasters, have returned to their Homeland. They will continue to live here, if we do the work that is really needed," says Mane Tandilyan.

"To hope that the people of Artsakh will come and live on their land with a purely patriotic motive would be a wrong and unjust approach to the people of Artsakh. Therefore, I am convinced that the state and the government have work to do in this direction.

Armenians must live in Artsakh forever and stand up for their land."