Zaglik needs a kindergarten: Head of Community

The community of Zaglik of Artsakh’s Martakert region has 256 inhabitants. All of them have returned after the war.

Zaglik needs a kindergarten: Head of Community

Zaglik needs a kindergarten: Head of  Community

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 7, ARTSAKHPRESS:  The head of the community, Davit Azaryan told "Artsakhpress”.

“Throughout the war, we defended our village. After the end of the war, all the residents have returned to the village. We welcomed our displaced compatriots with love.

4 families have resettled in the village. We can welcome 3 more families, but the houses need to be renovated. 42 students attend school this academic year. We do not have a kindergarten, but we have 31 pre-school children. The buildings of the municipality and the aid station are in a bad condition. We have a renovated and furnished ceremony hall.

 The village is provided with electricity; it is not gasified, but the need is felt," said D. Azaryan. He noted that fortunately no human life losses have been in the village during the war.

The head of the community informed that the villagers are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding.