33 displaced families resettled in Khnapat

The Khnapat community of Artsakh’s Askeran region has 1162 residents. All the residents have returned to the village after the war.

33 displaced families resettled in Khnapat

33 displaced families resettled in Khnapat

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 13, ARTSAKHPRESS: The head of the community, Samvel Shahramanyan told "Artsakhpress".

"After the war, 33 displaced families have resettled in the village. Sixteen houses have been renovated for them. The school building needs renovation.

There are many children in kindergarten in the village, but the building conditions allow admitting only 44 children. There is a community center, an aid station and a club in the community, the buildings of which need to be renovated. We have a ceremony hall.

70% of rural roads are paved. The village is provided with electricity and gas.

"We do not have a water supply problem, as a new water line was built in 2020 with the funding support of the state budget of Artsakh," said S. Shahramanyan.

The head of the community noted with regret that during the recent battles for the defense of the homeland 4 of the fellow-villagers have fallen and 7 of the have been wounded.

According to the head of community, after the war the only direction of employment of the population is agriculture.