Restoration work being carried out in Artsakh's Gishi

The Gishi community of Artsakh’s Martuni region has 965 residents. After the war all the residents have returned to the village. The head of the Gishi community, Armen Avagumyan told "Artsakhpress".

Restoration work being carried out in Artsakh's Gishi

Restoration work being carried out in Artsakh's Gishi
STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 3, ARTSAKHPRESS: "After the 44-day Artsakh war, three displaced families have settled in the village- 2 from Shushi and 1 from Hadrut. There is a community center in the community and an aid station that needs renovation. We have two ceremony halls.
The school is newly built. It has 150 students. Through the efforts of our teachers, a museum has been opened in the school, where interesting specimens are displayed. In 2016, the kindergarten was renovated by the Artsakh Villages Development Fund. 45 children attend the kindergarten. About 30 houses were partially damaged during the war. About 50% of them have been restored. Some of the rural roads are paved; others need to be paved. The community is gasified, provided with electricity and water supply,”said the mayor.
The head of the community noted that during the 44-day war, 7 fellow villagers were killed and 18 were wounded.
Speaking about the employment of the residents, the head of the community mentioned that about 185,974 hectares of arable land and 154.49 hectares of pasture remained under the control of the enemy. The main occupations of the locals were viticulture and field work, and today they continue to be one of the important branches of Gishi agriculture.