Armenia MFA: Yuri Khachaturov is still CSTO Secretary General

It is Armenia's right to initiate the change of the CSTO Secretary General, spokesperson for Armenian Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan said during a weekly briefing commenting on the situation over CSTO chief Yuri Khachaturov.

Armenia MFA: Yuri Khachaturov is still CSTO Secretary General

Armenia MFA: Yuri Khachaturov is still CSTO Secretary General

STEPANAKERT, JULY 31, ARTSAKHPRESS: Khachaturov faces charges in connection with the March 1, 2008 events in Yerevan and was released on bail. The Armenian side initiated the process of change of Secretary General, and Armenia is presiding over CSTO.

According to Balayan, the initiative to change the general secretary is also conditioned by the desire to strengthen the organization and promote its normal activities. At the same time, Balayan stressed that Yuri Khachatrov is still the secretary general of the CSTO.

“He will remain Secretary General until the decision to replace him is made. The proposed shift process does not mean that it is shifted, "Balayan said.

 As for who will head the structure in case of Khachaturov's resignation, the Foreign Ministry spokesman recalled that before the departure of Nikolai Bordyuzha and the appointment of Yuri Khachaturov, the duties of the Secretary General were assigned to Deputy Secretary General Valery Semerikov. Blayan emphasized that the decision will be made following the results of reaching consensus.

At the same time, he explained that the immunity of the secretary general is determined by the relevant agreement.

“Armenia believes that the process should be organized in accordance with the charter and agreements. Now there are discussions on how to go further,” he said, but did not disclose the details. Balayan found it inappropriate to comment on the various assessments of confidential sources, explaining that he is in direct contact with his colleagues from the Russian Foreign Ministry and he does not think that there might have been a need to share information in this way.

Tigran Balayan stressed that the right of Armenia is to initiate the change of the secretary general.

“He is the secretary general appointed by six states. Theoretically someone else could offer this process,” he explained.





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