Presentation of the "Corpus Researches-Digitalization" project took place in Stepanakert

On September 23, the presentation of the "Corpus Researches-Digitalization" project took place at Stepanakert’s “Mesrop Mashtots” University.

Presentation of the "Corpus Researches-Digitalization" project took place in Stepanakert

Presentation of the

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 23, ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" reports, Head of the Chair of the Armenian Language, Alicia Baghdasaryan, made an opening speech.

"The reality of the digitalization of the Armenian language is a novelty in the university system of Armenia and Artsakh and it is very important in the development of the language.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէWe announced September 6-20 as the dataset editing days of the Armenian machine translation,” Baghdasaryan said.

Assistant of the Chair of the Foreign Languages, Candidate of Philological Sciences, the coordinator of the "Corpus Researches-Digitalization" project at the Chair of Foreign Languages, Diana Movsisyan, presented the beginning, the process and the further steps to be taken.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"Exactly one year ago, on September 23, the Chair of Foreign Languages initiated the" Corpus Researches and Digitalization "project.

We had done some work with our Yerevan partners. But a week later, the accursed war began. After the war, we did not break down, we found strength in ourselves; we decided to continue this important initiative with greater enthusiasm, because the digitalization of language in the 21st century also has security significance. And we are ready to generalize this great initiative. During this year we have implemented voice synthesis, speech recognition, machine translation projects and Armenian Big Date,” Diana Movsisyan said, in particular.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէA press conference was held at the end of the event.