"The Talking Book" project to be implemented in Artsakh

Tatev Karapetyan was born and raised in Yerevan. Since 2018, she has been living and working in Artsakh at the Artsakh Regional Office of the “Teach for Armenia” Educational Foundation as a Leadership Development Officer.

"The Talking Book" project to be implemented in Artsakh

With the financial support of the Awesome Artsakh Foundation, she initiated the "Talking Book" program in the Aghavno community of Artsakh’s Kashatagh region.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"Currently I continue to work in the Foundation, but I no longer live in Artsakh, but that did not stop me from initiating the program in Artsakh.

 I have known the villages of Artsakh, especially the Kashatagh region, as my own home, and thanks to my work I walked through our communities, feeling the real taste and smell of Artsakh. It was very difficult to return to Artsakh after the war and not find that Artsakh that I had during my two years of work, especially to see the Kashatagh region under the Azerbaijani occupation.

And it was only the village of Aghavno that has remained Armenian from all over Kashatagh and became for me a symbol of struggle, strength and rebirth. I was informed that, despite the heroic motives and efforts in the war and post-war period, unfortunately, there are many problems in the community now, including children's education and cultural employment. "That is why I decided to carry out the 'Talking Book’ project.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէThat is why the program is called "The Talking Book" so that the books come out of the bookshelves, become human and "talk" with children. Within the framework of the program, literary works of modern writers and artists will be purchased (taking into account the age characteristics and preferences of children), around which meetings will be held in the community. I put literature and reading at the center of the program as a means of forming a worldview, a system of values, imagination, aesthetic perception and worldview of a person,”T. Karapetyan said.