Any concession is at the cost of our children's lives, which is non-negotiable for us. Artsakh State Minister

Today, a resident of Artsakh came out to announce-enough is enough. Azerbaijan and the world want to turn Artsakh into an altar on which the lives of our compatriots and our children are placed, and we cannot allow it.

Any concession is at the cost of our children's lives, which is non-negotiable for us. Artsakh State Minister

Any concession is at the cost of our children's lives, which is non-negotiable for us. Artsakh State Minister

STEPANAKERT,  JULY 14, ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress"informs,  Artsakh Republic State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan announced today on July 14, during the nationwide movement rally in Stepanakert's Revival Square.

“Now the Artsakh people face a threat to their physical existence.

Artsakh has been living on internal resources for almost a month. During that time, with the joint efforts of all of us, we have tried to keep the situation in such a way that these severe consequences of the blockade of Artsakh have the least impact on the people of Artsakh, hoping that in the shortest possible time the international community, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Armenia will take decisive steps to stop the course of this deadly disaster. But it has turned out that everyone is just watching this situation as an observer," the State Minister said, adding that today the situation is already dire, and every day tomorrow will be even harder and harder.

The State Minister noted that there are already many people with health problems, many communities are deprived of the opportunity to have drinking water. Residents of rural communities far from the capital have become captives and for many, the only connection with regional centers and the capital is via phone call. Residents of our villages in the Shushi region have become hostages in all its extreme manifestations.

At the beginning, inter-community passenger transportation was reduced, and now it is stopped, children in kindergartens are almost not fed; patients in hospitals are given a small amount of food. In days, ambulances will not work; people will have a problem of unavailability of basic medicines.

"Now I want to ask the international community, the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation: what do you need, what are you waiting for? Do you want a repetition of the case of the death of children in our country a few days ago, so that you will come to your senses? And I say on behalf of all of you, enough is enough. For the third year already, the people of Artsakh have been patiently suffering all kinds of sufferings. Every day, our mothers and sisters hide their tears and look into the eyes of their children feeling a great sense of responsibility for them; they make a choice and every time they unconditionally choose the Homeland, our Artsakh.

We closely follow the results of meetings organized in this or that part of the world. We follow, but we neither see the result, nor feel the impact, and when disagreements suddenly arise in those meetings and it is necessary to put pressure on someone, then the full stroke of the hammer falls on the head of the Artsakh citizen. And again I want to shout on behalf of all of you. Yes,we have already reached the limit of patience and are no longer able to give you opportunities to do political maneuvers at the expense of deprivation,” he said, in particular.






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